Kushti sarlo.

Thank you for joining us around the yog. Please pour yourself a cuppa. We’re happy you’re here.

This is a safe space where we can share and enjoy some good conversation and laughs.

This blog is not only for Roma. Anyone who counts us as a friend is welcome.

We have organized four ways to connect: Advocacy. Culture. Heritage and News.

Advocacy: For two+ years we have been involved in New Zealand working to bring a cultural appropriation issue to the attention of the government. Bob Lovell Kamulo has led this campaign to get The Original Gypsy Fair to drop the use of “Gypsy” in all their marketing, trademarking and business registations. You’ll find there’s a petition, other supporting documents and updates on this site.

Culture: With Halloween season approaching we will be seeing a lot of examples of how far people will go to present a fantasy of Romany/Gypsies.

Heritage: Our heritage is very important and can be subtly undermined. Yet there’s a wonderful burgeoning of talented writers, artists, dancers, playwrights and poets who are telling their stories.

News: In the news we’re reading and seeing that racist abuse by state governments in U.K. and Europe is on the rise, activated from behind the smokescreen of the global pandemic.

Parruke Tute/Thank you.

Author: pushapencil

Frances Roberts Reilly is a Romani poet, harpist and filmmaker born into a Welsh Romany/English family and now living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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