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Travellers’ Times Article

Travellers’ Times in the UK has printed a good story on The Original Gypsy Fair and its misuse and theft of Roma/Gypsy identity.

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Stop Stealing our cultural identity say

New Zealand Romani campaigners.

In the Travellers’ Times article, Mike Doherty, the Editor writes:

The campaigners believe that the use of ‘Gypsy’ in ’The Original Gypsy Fair’, a commercial event which is part of the New Zealand van and truck culture circuit – run by businessman Jim Banks – trivialises and appropriates their culture, heritage and identity, and is a form of “romantic racism”.

While Bob Lovell Kamulo has this to say to the New Zealand Government.

We would kindly request the New Zealand government uphold its commitment to defending cultural and race relations, human rights and ethnic diversity with a legal review that removes the language “Gypsy” from all registered business names.”

We thank Travellers’ Times and Mike Doherty for their continued support. We’ll have another update coming soon.

Activism, Gypsy, New Zealand, Romany, Uncategorized

Stop Romany Cultural Appropriation

I’m Bob Lovell Kamulo,

For many years I ran singer/songwriter competitions at New Zealand’s biggest Folk Music Festival. I started and hosted Auckland’s first ever Folk music fortnightly radio program, called the Urban Folk Line through our Free Access radio station. Plus I’ve M.C’d many singer/songwriter concerts

But now that I am an Elder I’m putting my voice to other uses, advocating for Romany rights here in New Zealand. I have been alarmed by the way a van culture of hippies – The Original Gypsy Fair has been appropriating our Romany identity for commercial gain.

Hippie festivals such as this promote false stereotypes about the Romani people. Amanda A.

I have organized a protest to rally support for changing New Zealand’s trademark laws and banning the use of the word “gypsy” by non-Romany. We’re also demanding that New Zealand comply with U.N. Human Rights and recognize New Zealand Romany as an ethnicity.

Other comments from our petitioners:

Our heritage is ours. We have been prosecuted for hundred of years. Let us rise with our culture. Charlie G.

I agree with Bob Lovell – it is a misrepresentation of Romani culture. And at the very least, use of these photographs is in breach of copyright laws. Rebekah H

This is a disgrace – stealing other people’s cultural identity. It must stop. Roseanne M.

Sign the Petition: