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Stop Romany Cultural Appropriation

I’m Bob Lovell Kamulo,

For many years I ran singer/songwriter competitions at New Zealand’s biggest Folk Music Festival. I started and hosted Auckland’s first ever Folk music fortnightly radio program, called the Urban Folk Line through our Free Access radio station. Plus I’ve M.C’d many singer/songwriter concerts

But now that I am an Elder I’m putting my voice to other uses, advocating for Romany rights here in New Zealand. I have been alarmed by the way a van culture of hippies – The Original Gypsy Fair has been appropriating our Romany identity for commercial gain.

Hippie festivals such as this promote false stereotypes about the Romani people. Amanda A.

I have organized a protest to rally support for changing New Zealand’s trademark laws and banning the use of the word “gypsy” by non-Romany. We’re also demanding that New Zealand comply with U.N. Human Rights and recognize New Zealand Romany as an ethnicity.

Other comments from our petitioners:

Our heritage is ours. We have been prosecuted for hundred of years. Let us rise with our culture. Charlie G.

I agree with Bob Lovell – it is a misrepresentation of Romani culture. And at the very least, use of these photographs is in breach of copyright laws. Rebekah H

This is a disgrace – stealing other people’s cultural identity. It must stop. Roseanne M.

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